Good strategies deserve to be successfully executed. This is the only way for organizations to permanently preserve and expand their strategic advantages. However, organizations often lack information, resources and a solid base of comparison to achieve a tangible evaluation of strategy execution.

Together with the international benchmarking program "Achilles", CTcon creates a fast, pragmatic and first-class evaluation of your company's ability to implement strategies. Our benchmarking answers three core questions required to improve the ability of strategy execution:

  • How good is your organization’s strategy execution power and how consistent is its perception by the members of your organization?
  • How good is your organization compared to others?
  • What can your organization improve to execute strategies even more successful?


The first challenge for the status quo analysis of strategy execution is a holistic view at all related elements which are often looked at separately. Therefore, our benchmarking provides a proven framework that covers all relevant aspects of strategy execution.


In addition to transparency, the Achilles Consulting benchmarking allows you to compare your ability of strategy execution to peers: to best in your industry and to the overall benchmarking.

Areas of Activity

The derived status quo for your organization and the comparison with the peers enables identification and prioritization of action fields. These build a basis for improvement approaches and action recommendations.

Service Offering

360° Transparency

Get a clear 360° view on the strategy execution capabilities of your organization with a comprehensive repor.

European Network

Get a detailed comparison to other European companies and see the big picture.

Increase Execution Power

Improve sustainability of your strategy execution through a regular, annual "check-up".

Involve Teams

Involve colleagues and employees in a structured, efficient manner and learn how your strategy execution is perceived.

Proven Framework

Use the benefits of a proven framework to make the strategy execution more effective and support discussions about success factors and possible improvements.


An active contribution to the benchmarking content will enable a consideration of your specific questions in the next benchmarking round (optional).

Our Framework

Our framework for strategy execution covers seven areas which are crucial for an organization to achieve strategic objectives.


How ambitious, clear and effective is the vision in your organization?

Strategy Development

Is your strategy sound, complete and consistent? Is the strategy perceived and understood in the organization?

Target Operating Model

Is the Target Operating Model completely defined and aligned with the strategy? Are the consequences of strategic initiatives for products and target customers clearly derived? Do organizational structures and processes support your strategic targets? Are the capacities and capabilities sufficient to achieve the targets?

Transformation Management

How agile is your organization and how effective are the transformation processes? Is the focus right, or are the efforts being diluted by running too many initiatives at the same time? How good are program and change management?

Learning & Improvement

Is the constant learning and improvement part of everyday life in your organization? Is the transformation management being regularly readjusted? Are your strategy and your Target Operating Model periodically reviewed?


What is the leadership style in your organization? Are the intended behavioral changes supported by the leadership? Does leadership foster the best possible performance of the employees?

Employee Engagement

Do the employees feel included? Are they motivated to achieve the set goals?

Target Audience

Joining the Achilles program is beneficial to any senior professional who seeks to improve execution power of his organization. Whether you’re a strategy execution program manager or a line manager. Participation is most effective when supported by the board of directors or management team which is responsible for strategy execution within your organization.

We encourage a broad participation, which means that at least 5 persons in your organization are invited to reflect upon current practices. This results in an integral and well balanced view of your current capabilities. If you want to get acquainted with Achilles first, before introducing it to your colleagues, we offer the "single license" participation.

Participants in the last round
Participation Options


1 Participant

  • Online data collection
  • Organization report from an individual perspective
  • Benchmarking report incl. peer-group comparison and identified areas of activity*
  • Personal presentation of results (1.5h)


7,500 EUR
Recommended: 5-10

  • Online data collection
  • Organization report from a team-perspective incl. variances
  • Benchmarking report incl. peer-group comparison and identified areas of activity*
  • Personal presentation of results (1.5h)
  • Possibility of benchmarking co-creation

Extra Service

on request

  • Personal Top-Management interviews
  • Moderation workshop in Top-Management
  • Elaboration of solutions to close gaps
  • Participation in network-events & trainings (from autumn 2017)

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* Overall study-benchmarking is available from 25 participating companies. Industry-benchmarking is available from 4 companies of your industry.

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