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CTcon GmbH
Weitersburger Weg 10
D - 56179 Vallendar
T +49 261 96274-0
F +49 261 96274-20

Patrick Bach
Dr Wolf-Christoph Brandl
Dr Christian Bungenstock
Dr Jörg Ehlken
Axel Neumann-Giesen
Björn Radtke

Location of the company:
Vallendar near Koblenz, registered at Koblenz District Court under HRB 4107

VAT identification number:
DE 151113529

Responsible for content pursuant to Section 55.2 of the German Interstate Broadcasting Treaty:
Dr Wolf-Christoph Brandl

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This website provides current information about CTcon GmbH. Please note that all content serves purely informational purposes and that consulting services are not provided online.

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