CTcon: Our team

Our teams: strong tech­ni­cal and soft skills

Qualified, motivated, enthusiastic

Our staff members love their jobs and live them to the fullest. Teams are assembled with sensitivity and keeping in mind their complementary skills. All CTcon employees have had a first-rate education and boast strong analytical skills combined with a high level of social competence.

In figures: about two thirds of our consultants hold degrees in business sciences. About one third are industrial engineers, IT specialists or scientists. About a third hold two or more degrees, e.g. a PhD. One hundred percent agree with CTcon's organisational culture, which we enjoy developing collaboratively as a professional-informal community.

Experience, the big picture and intuition

Over 90 percent of our consultants gained international experience while studying abroad or during their time as young professionals.

All staff members have many years of experience in corporate management from their consulting and training projects or from line responsibility in various industries. Thanks to our background, we identify the building blocks of the CTcon management framework and match them to our clients’ overarching goals, giving us a valuable overall understanding. In addition to our knowledge of value creation and processes, we apply a good portion of common sense: because our aim is to convince entire organisations of the inclusive benefits of a shared approach.



brand eins and Statista have once again analysed the market and determined the best management consultants in Germany by surveying various consultancies and clients. More information about our award:


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