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Ex­pe­ri­ence our pas­sion-dri­ven entre­pre­neu­ri­al sty­le.

Internal exchanges form part of our DNA. Share your experience and your skills with your colleagues, benefit from other viewpoints, engage in constructive debates and gain important insights. In support of such exchanges, we regularly host professional training involving all our sites via our video conferencing facilities.

By publishing contributions in business magazines, newspapers and other media, you strengthen both your and our reputation. Your participation in our recruiting events keeps you in touch with the newcomer scene and helps us make the right team decisions.

As a communicator, networker and organiser you’ll find space to self-actualise in the CTcon community, with activities ranging from innovation competitions to table soccer tournaments adding some extra fizz to your day.

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Julia Cedrati
Recruiting | T +49 211 577903-75 | recruiting@ctcon.de
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