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Pro­duc­ti­on con­trol­ling – tar­ge­te­d, ef­fi­cient, in­te­gra­ted


Production executives will be familiar with these and similar challenging questions. Indeed, many companies find themselves subjected to accelerating technological and market change, and not just because of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. There is no easy answer to the question of what effective and efficient production controlling looks like, or what the right metrics and methods are. There is simply too much variability in the framework conditions of different industries, competition and one’s own positioning, product portfolios and the complexity of production networks.


CTcon has a long and proven track record in management consulting and controlling. Our focus lies on taking into account overarching company goals and ensuring consistency along key stages of the value chain. Based on our experience, we are able to assist you in structuring your production controlling from the group to the factory level in all four main task areas:

Production controlling requires designing tasks as well as bringing the organisational structure and roles and responsibilities into alignment. Apart from the typical question about the task split between global and local production controlling units, the organisational integration of local production controllers at factory level as well as their integration into the overall controlling organisation have to be taken into account. The degree of involvement of production controlling, and its responsibility for providing information, have to be carefully balanced, particularly when it comes to capacity and investment planning as well as production and manufacturing innovation.


Setting up functional production controlling consistently and as an integral component of holistic company management forms part of CTcon's core business. Benefit from our experience when setting up or restructuring your production controlling.

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