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Or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nal struc­ture


The organisational structure of groups, their subsidiary companies and departments is never static. Events that typically trigger structural changes include:

  • Rising cost pressures,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • The appointment of new managers,
  • Permanent overloading of some units and
  • Dissatisfaction on the part of internal or external customers.


Our experience has shown that successful organisational redesign depends on being able to balance the following interests, some of which contradict each other:

  • The quality and efficiency of task execution: how does one ensure that the unit in question produces high-quality work efficiently?
  • Qualifications: are the required qualifications available?
  • Development plans for staff members: which individual staff development plans should be taken into consideration?

Our offering

Based on many years of experience in advising major companies in different industry sectors, CTcon has developed a high level of expertise in organisational redesign. Our broad knowledge base means we have access to a large variety of organisational design interventions as well as many benchmarking options. We use this track record to help you optimise your organisational structure, with activities including:

  • Descriptions of roles and responsibilities at departmental level and their alignment with related functions, as well as creating job profiles for individual staff members.
  • Assistance in identifying and implementing improvements which create scope for action as well as quality improvements and cost savings.

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