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Plan­ning and Fo­re­cas­ting

We focus planning on your business success

Planning processes often suffer from a lack of management commitment and an illusion of accuracy as regards the results. Translating a strategy into budget action poses problems and the big picture tends to be lost in the process. Traditional planning tools only support planning efficiency requirements to a limited degree. Last but not least, in today’s dynamic age, the value added by time-consuming bottom-up planning is dubious.

Using the approaches described below, we show you how to optimise the benefits of your planning and focus on components that add real value. Learn more about our six planning tools for your business success:

Exact-fit driver models

Specific driver models, precisely tailored to each of your business models

  • Customised driver models mirror your business models and make management discussions more transparent and more targeted
  • Consistently modelled drivers on various levels (function, department or corporate)
  • Clearly defined responsibilities build management commitment and help establish the models in your performance management

Target setting

Reinforcement of target setting as a key pillar of focused and successful planning

  • Our target setting approach emphasises two main aspects: core business as a springboard and the impact of (strategic) measures
  • Robust, top-down targets derived for your operational planning from the strategy and avoidance of detailed, bottom-up columns of figures
  • Increased acceptance of your planning and fewer iterative loops

Campus planning

Commitment through joint planning by the management team

  • Customised campus planning leads to improved alignment across all departments and functions
  • Focused discussion by the management team promotes commitment among the responsible persons
  • Your core planning process is reduced to just a few weeks

Measure-based forecasting

Systematic, measure-based forecasting all along your planning process

  • We focus planning meetings not on mere figures but on the discussion of measures for reaching your targets
  • Measure-based arguments help establish your corporate strategy in the planning
  • Early specification of measures as well as clearly assigned responsibilities

Real-time scenarios

Simulation and analysis of different scenarios – as dynamic as your business

  • Identification of the scenarios most relevant for management improves ad hoc simulations
  • Transparent assessment of scenarios based on the financial effects of defined measures
  • Sounder and faster decisions create genuine added value

Predictive forecasting

Our predictive forecasting approach anticipates the development of your daily business

  • Automated forecasts streamline and simplify your forecasting process
  • Decisions by the management team are based on an objective set of data ("de-biasing")
  • Healthy balance between automation and management acceptance, appropriate to your organisation

Our offering

CTcon is a corporate management consultancy. Planning and forecasting are elementary components of corporate management and are two of our core competencies. Our consultants are able to draw on extensive expertise – the outcome of umpteen projects in many different industries. We will be glad to assist you with the design and implementation of efficient, flexible, measure-based planning as a precondition of focused decisions and optimal achievement of your strategic goals.

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